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The China Supply Chain vendors directory is a China business directory which helps you find the best local providers, vendors, consultants and experts for your China supply chain needs. The directory is open to any company that provide services in the field of China Supply Chains.

China Supply Chain - Vendors Directory

Today, manufacturers, retailers and companies in various sectors of the China supply chains start to rely on this essential reference tool as a source for finding the best professional services, providers, solutions vendors and consultants who list themselves in categories that describe best their offering.

For the past 10 years, the China supply chain vendor directory has been the most used vendors source book in supply chain, logistics and procurement in China. With the introduction of this new website, the directory will add new services categories and start to accept listings from vendors located in other Asian countries.

Unlike other online directories, we don’t add all vendors. In logistics for example, only companies with real contract logistics services are selected and listed. For instance, a freight forwarder doing only full container shipments from Asia to Europe will not be added. In this directory, we look for companies with integrated logistics, transportation, warehousing and distribution capabilities because they can offer strategic supply chain advantages for their customers.

In addition, China Supply Chain will review every submitted listing to ensure it meets our editorial guidelines. These guidelines reflect our dedication to offering the highest quality directory for the business buyer audience we represent.

We are constantly working on our China Supply Chain directory, please let us know here if you want to suggest new features and ways we can improve this website.

Featured Vendors

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